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Starting The Research Process, Things You Must Consider

Starting the research process is always tiring as you have a lot of confusion about which area of research you should choose, and your topic as well. Starting is always confusing and tiring, but you can make it easier by adopting some structured steps. This article presents all that you should consider before starting the research process as you start writing a dissertation . These aspects are highlighted as follows; Identify a Topic The first and foremost step is the choice of a topic. For choosing the topic, you have to come up with ideas. It would help if you thought about general areas and fields in which you’re interested. Identify if you already have specific research interests based on the classes you’ve taken. It would be best to consider what your research topic would be based on your future study plan. For this you have to consider your topic. If you consider applying to a graduate school, you’ll need to write a statement of purpose. After getting the big picture of your idea