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Incredible Geographical Facts about Earth You Must Know

The world is a mind-boggling place. With so many places to visit and things to discover, it’s no wonder that the world always has a way to surprise you just with simple, scientific facts. Turns out, our little, blue planet is actually more like a big, thick encyclopedia of knowledge just waiting to be discovered. Whether you have just completed school or you graduated decades ago, there are likely many things you do not know about the extraordinary planet on which we live. For instance: Were you aware that the Pacific Ocean is shrinking every year? Or that the world includes a sea without coasts? Or that Alaska is not just the westernmost state in the U.S., but the easternmost as well? Here are some of the geographical facts as shared by a coursework writing service ; Mauna Kea is Taller Than Everest: Mount Everest may be the tallest mountain above sea level, but when it comes to the tallest mountain on earth, that honor goes to Mauna Kea. Above the sea, Mauna Kea only stands 13,796 fe