Where Can You Do Research for Dissertation Topic Selection?

Dissertation Topic Selection
In any type of research, the first step is the dissertation topic selection. This step is both confusing, and complex. Some people find it very difficult to choose a topic for their research. In the past, it was considered even more difficult. The globalisation, and internet have made it easy. Every new research happening and new area that is being covered you can see them all. Dissertation topic selection is not a big deal.

Choice of the right dissertation topic is difficult. This is because you’re going to spend years of your life on the research on the topic you have the selection. It is the main reason you should put some effort into dissertation topic selection. You will devote everything to this topic. You will spend your energy, time, and money on pursuing this research. It will decide the path of your career in the future as well. It will you channel in the community of people who have the same ideas, and opportunities as you have. It would be a good choice to pay attention to the dissertation topic selection. This article presents you with multiple resources. You can use these for dissertation topic selection.


In this global age, people use online sites for dissertation topic selection. Yet the books have their own essence. Nothing can replace a book. This is because books are the best source through which you can shape your dissertation topic. You can also locate the keyword in the book, and formulate a topic according to it. You can also choose the topic which the book has referred to for future research. Through this aspect you’ll be able to find credible information about it in the book, like its background.

Google Scholar

You can do broad research on the literature for dissertation topic selection through Google Scholar. You can find plenty of papers and articles in the study area within which you want to pursue your research. You can go through different books, theses, dissertations, abstracts, and even court opinions by professionals for this. It can help you in gathering ideas for the aspect of dissertation topic selection. You can analyse the future directions of the research, and can choose the right one for your dissertation topic.

Research Gate

It is a social networking site formed for professionals, and researchers for the sharing of their research. You can find their papers, ask questions, and even locate collaborators. You can get help for dissertation topic selection from them too. You have to create your account for seeing the latest activities, and research in different areas of research. You can also pay attention to the new research happening in your area of interest, and choose the topic of selection from them.

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Socialising is a great key within this context. In the present world, you cannot go forward without socialising regardless of your job type. Different socialising sites are used these days, like Twitter. You can find a new area of research, posters of new researches, and talks in the area on Twitter. In these resources, you can choose the topic for dissertation as well. People share the link of the sites from where you can find the topic for your dissertation, new researches in the area, and many other things.


A source that is used by most people these days is that of Google. Suppose you cannot find any idea, or topic for your dissertation. Google would be of great help in dissertation topic selection. This is because it does not require you to do something for conducting research on it. You are just required to have an online presence. You can also use a different site to analyse information for the dissertation topic selection on it.


LinkedIn is one of the best sites that you can use for locating the new area of research, and job densities. It is a social networking service that is business-oriented. It contains a large number of researchers, business organisations, and group accounts. People share a lot of research related information at this site as well. You can find different links on this site, which will aid you in the dissertation topic selection. Many researchers, and professionals on this site are also ready to help within this context.


Sweetsearch is an efficient site. This is because it helps the researchers gather outstanding information in a very small time. It makes them determine the results that have are most relevant in the list of credible sources. It makes it easier for them to find primary information as well. This will give you an idea of the future areas of research, and topics from this information. Then you can choose the topic for your dissertation through this aspect.

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